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Wholesale Scarves

Cupro Blue Mandala Scarf from India

Sevya works with artisans across India to create a vibrant, unique and sustainable collection of wholesale scarves! Our collection includes handwoven scarves, embroidered wool shawls, cupro scarves, block-printed scarves and many more.

Block Printed Scarves

Our block printed scarves feature classic Indian motifs on soft cotton fabric. The wooden blocks used to make each scarf are passed down through generations of artisan families. Block printing is a skill that takes years to perfect, and multiple blocks are used on the same piece to add different colors and depth to the design. 

Hand Woven Scarves

In 2020 we released a new line of handwoven cotton scarves that are soft, durable and an ideal weight for spring & summer. These scarves are made using a traditional pit-loom, which is powered by foot pedal, requiring zero electricity. In addition to being sustainably made, these scarves offer a much needed income stream to rural villages.  

Embroidered Shawls

One of our most popular styles of scarves is our embroidered shawls, which feature elaborate designs and colorful variations. These shawls are made from wool, viscose, or a blend of the two, offering multiple options for those with skin sensitivities, and viscose is an ideal choice for people with sensitive skin.

Cupro Scarves

We also have a wide selection of cupro scarves with contemporary digital print designs. Cupro material is made from the inner fibers of the cotton seed, which is a material that is normally thrown away during conventional cotton processing. We utilize these fibers so that as much of the plant can be put to use as possible, and it provides an extra source of income for cotton farmers. 

Recycled Silk Kantha Scarves

Our recycled silk kantha scarves are a wonderfully ethical and sustainable way to purchase silk accessories! The silk fabric is sourced from up-cycled silk saris, which are the traditional style of dress worn by women in India. Since the material is up-cycled, it is sustainable and affordable. The intricate hand embroidery is done by women artisans in West Bengal, India, binding two assorted silk layers together. These handmade scarves are one of a kind and reversible, and can also be used as a beautiful table runner.


Each season we design new apparel and accessory collections, featuring new styles and different art forms from across India. Stay tuned for new product releases by signing up for our weekly newsletter! Feel free to use the Contact Us page if you have any questions or if you need help placing your order.


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