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The Power of Purple

Our Fair Trade Federation friends at Dunitz & Company, Baskets of Africa and Hoon Arts have joined us to feature some of our favorite purple pieces to celebrate this fabulous color. Each of these fair trade companies are dedicated to supporting local artisans and their traditional skills by providing a fair wage so that artisans can continue their craft traditions with dignity. Check out these powerful purple products and learn about how they are made while shopping the beautiful handmade collections of our fair trade family!

Our friends at Dunitz & Company specialize in handmade jewelry from Guatemala featuring unique materials such as Czech and Japanese beads, ribbons, leather, vintage buttons, coins and semiprecious stones.

These vibrant baskets are handwoven and each piece is unique! Baskets of Africa has a variety of styles which can be used in so many ways, from decorating your home to carrying the groceries.

At Hoon Arts you can find handcrafted gifts, accessories, clothing and jewelry sourced from over 100 artisans in Central Asia, including Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

More About Purple

Purple is a rare color to find in nature, but when it appears in amethyst crystals or sea urchins the color is striking! Humans started using purple as a widely available dye in the mid 1800’s, and since then it has come to signify many things all over the world. In many countries, purple signifies royalty, and in India it represents prosperity and abundance. In Central Asia, the color purple is a mystic color, symbolizing creativity and philosophy.

Today, purple is often associated with gay pride and solidarity. One interpretation of this color that is featured in the rainbow flag is that the combination of pink and blue represents the blur between masculine and feminine. 

Purple can also be attributed to bravery hence the “Purple Heart” award given to American soldiers. 

From a spiritual perspective, purple represents the Crown Chakra which includes the mind and consciousness. Purple is considered to be a calming color, and this hue appears again in nature in the aromatic lavender plant which is often used to ease tension.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


In the midst of everything going on around us in 2020, we have a great need to harness the power of purple to appreciate the beauty of our earth, to bravely choose love over division, and to relax whenever possible!


Sevya's Purple Collection

We invite you to explore our Fair Trade, handmade tops and scarves and bring more purple into your life