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Silk Sari Scarves

Silk Sari Scarves

Sevya’s silk sari scarves are one-of-a-kind pieces that up-cycle silk from Indian women's’ saris. Saris are traditional outfits that often use a lot of fabric and are made from high quality silk. Some saris have bold and colorful designs, while others are more subtle. Sevya sources high quality used saris which would be otherwise discarded, and uses parts of the fabric to become one of our 4 styles of recycled silk sari scarves.

Silk Kantha Scarves

Our first and best selling style is our SC-236 Kantha Silk Sari Scarves, which measures 70” x 10” making it an ideal scarf or small table runner. The kantha embroidery binds together two pieces of fabric, making it versatile and reversible!

Silk Kantha Throws

Our new Kantha Silk Sari Throws are much larger,  measuring 36" x 83” and this extended size makes it a great accent piece on furniture or bed linens. These one of a kind throws are also embroidered using the kantha style, and they feature different prints and colors on each side, handmade from up-cycled silk saris.

Square Kantha Scarves

Our SC-277 Square Kantha Scarves are a square version of the above mentioned kantha scarves, measuring 20” x 20” and featuring longer tassels. These square silk scarves can serve as a bandana or decorative napkin.

Fair Trade Recycled Silk Sari Scarf with Handmade Tassels from India

The last style of recycled silk scarves that we offer is the SC-259, which is the only single layer, non-embroidered recycled silk scarf. The thin and luxurious silk is slightly sheer depending on the color, and each one has tassels on the end.

Silk production is expensive and relies on silkworms, which are often killed during the silk harvesting process. By recycling silk, we can ensure that their hard work does not go to waste, and that perfectly good fabric is not unnecessarily put into landfills or burned, alleviating environmental pollution. Upcycling silk is therefore the most ethical and sustainable option, and the variety provided from mixing and matching different fabrics is remarkably beautiful!

We cannot guarantee a specific color for these scarves as they come in an assortment, but if you have a particular color you are looking for we will do our best to find a match! 

Sevya has a wide variety of scarves, and you may view our full collection by clicking this link which will redirect you to our Fair Trade scarves & shawls. We work with a variety of sustainable materials and prioritize ethical sourcing. 

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