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Jamdani Hand Woven Scarves & Caftans

Jamdani is an intricate hand weaving technique that is well known in India, and often features beautiful geometric patterns. Hand-woven jamdani saris are much sought after by women in India for their intricate patterns and fine cotton weaving. Our hand-woven Jamdani scarves and caftans showcase this art form in a range of elegant and contemporary designs using 100% cotton. Sevya's collection of fine hand-woven scarves and apparel helps to ensure that the talented artisan communities can continue these weaving traditions that they learned from their ancestors.

Jamdani weaving involves multiple steps and collaboration, from spinning and dying yarn, to setting the patterns, and finally creating the intricate weave on the loom. If you have ever wondered what is the difference between “fast fashion” and “slow fashion,” look no further than the traditional handwoven Jamdani scarves and clothing. The knowledge required to complete each step of the process has been passed down through generations, and everyone in the village has a role to play in the production. Each purchase of a Jamdani garment or accessory supports the culture and livelihoods of many talented artisans in India.

Step by Step

The process begins by spinning and dyeing the yarn, which is made from 100% cotton. The yarn is then starched (often using rice) and rolled up to dry. The yarn is then spooled and placed on a rack structure to create the thread base for weaving. Hours of work go into preparing and setting the thread before it even reaches the loom. These looms (known as pit looms) are made of wood and powered by a foot pedal that the weaver operates in rhythm with their threading work. Our natural cotton scarves and ponchos have hand-tied pom poms affixed to the bottom hem.

Jamdani Designs


Jamdani weaving often features triangular, square or circular shapes, which are incorporated in our fair trade scarves and ponchos.

Our most recent Jamdani addition to our New Collection is a beautiful aqua color in our Aishani Poncho that is lightweight, free-size and is perfect with leggings or as a beach cover up!

Circles are particularly challenging to create using these techniques, and only weaving experts can achieve these shapes. Each piece is its own work of art, and you will notice the high quality of the cotton, detailed patterns and finishes in Sevya's entire Jamdani collection

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When purchasing fair trade clothing, it is also important to make sure workers are paid fairly for their labor, which is why Sevya is fair trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation. Thank you for your support of the master weavers in rural India!