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Fair Trade Scarves for Men: A New Look for New Kinds of Businesses

When I was in Europe two years ago I noticed something of a departure from the usual Western business attire for men. There were more than a few men hopping on and off trams in Zurich and other towns who wore scarves instead of neck ties. They appeared to favor finer, hand woven designs with classic designs and earth tones. The look worked quite well, tilting the conventional look a little toward a wider than usual perspective. After all, the world is a much bigger place than so often presented in Western financial centers. This is exactly why fair trade scarves seem a perfect fashion accessory for new kinds of businesses.

retail and wholesale fair trade scarves for men by Sevya

Perhaps the world is finally changing for the better in many ways. We can be encouraged that many companies are shifting toward peace instead of supporting the military industrial complex. As pointed out in the documentary movie, “Soldiers of Peace”, many major corporations now view war as detrimental to their profits. To signify such changes in business ethics and motivation, maybe it is time to revisit conventional male business attire. Scarves, particularly fair trade scarves, might just be an effective departure from convention.

Are there really any ethical reasons that factor into fashion choices? Clearly it is not so common for today’s business people to consider where their clothing comes from, how producers are compensated, or whether ethical and environmental standards are met. But this is not to say the tide could not be turning in subtle ways. At Sevya, we believe it is important to look at global changes in consciousness and celebrate progressive movement toward peace, sustainability and fair trading practices wherever and whenever we can. For this reason we would like to encourage the current shift away from neck ties toward fair trade scarves for men. While our current designs for men can be used in more casual attire as well as to complement a less formal business look, we envision many options that may soon appear in our lineup.

An example of retail and wholesale scarves for men by Sevya

If trendsetters in business attire start wearing fair trade scarves it might mean something more than simple purchase decisions. Perhaps such fashion choices would stem from an evolving perspective on the importance of doing things ethically– the importance of compensating artisan communities, promoting sustainability, encouraging traditional cultural and social support systems and crafts, and doing so in an environmentally sustainable fashion.

Scarves for men by Sevya use natural fibers and non-toxic dyes.

Sevya is dedicated to promoting sustainability, health and fair compensation for artisan communities in India. Sevya works under the auspices of the All India Movement to provide a wide range of benefits to these communities in India. Sale of retail and wholesale scarves, clothing, home decor, jewelry and other items supports this work. Thank you very much for your support.

Jerry Rasch writes in collaboration with staff at Sevya as a part time, but full hearted endeavor.