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Fair Trade For Moms

Mom always said, “play fair.” This is just one of the many lessons we have taken to heart from the loving voices of our mothers. Fair trade embodies the sense of fairness our mothers wanted to instill in us. A good mother wants to bring out the best in her children, witnessing them take others’ feelings into consideration, waiting patiently for them to overcome their self-centered early phases.

Sevya wishes to inspire our customers to consider all the wonderful lessons we have gained from our mothers. A sense of compassion is one of the greatest gifts a mother can give her children. We are truly lucky if we have been given this powerful perspective, this wise way of living. Out of this spirit of compassion we can do great things for our world. Sevya wants to celebrate the motherly message of compassion that we are so lucky to share with so many worldwide. We hope that by creating a means to empower communities of artisans and to also turn any profits toward good works in India, we are realizing the power of this message as best we can.

Tying Knot for Bandhani Scarf- part of Sevya's fair trade scarves collection.

Tying Knot for Bandhani Scarf- part of Sevya’s fair trade scarves collection.

This Mother’s Day, we at Sevya wish to celebrate all motherly voices of compassion. We hope to encourage all who believe in living compassionately to raise our voices together to celebrate our mothers for teaching us these lessons, usually not so much through words, but through actions. We want to encourage continued compassionate action wherever we can. Our organization is designed to empower entire communities of artisans by providing decent, sustainable livelihoods. We want to express our concern for all living beings on this planet, showing our dedication to environmentally sound production practices such as zero electricity use in village textile production. We want to respect our mothers’ countless acts of kindness and their insistence on sustainability in this way.

Indian women artisans who produce retail and wholesale scarves for Sevya's fair trade collection.

Indian women artisans who produce retail and wholesale scarves for Sevya’s fair trade collection.

Sevya’s retail and wholesale scarves are excellent examples of artisan-created, fair trade textiles that are earning a well-deserved reputation for elegance, beauty and refinement. When one learns the background stories behind these articles, one encounters a much deeper meaning behind these beautiful garments. Communities are thriving where there were previously little opportunities. All profits go to the All India Movement, a wonderfully effective grassroots movement that has been building schools, housing and infrastructure necessary to lift many people out of poverty in India.

A spinner works on fair trade clothing production for Sevya.

A spinner works on fair trade clothing production for Sevya.

This Mother’s Day and beyond, Sevya wishes to celebrate the nurturing and compassionate voices in our lives that we have been blessed with by our mothers. Sevya offers a wide range of retail and wholesale fair trade products that embody this sense of compassion. Please consider supporting truly fair trade practices when you shop for clothing, jewelry, decor, bedding, cards and other items where fair trade choices are available.

Kavida Floral Tunic-- Part of Fair Trade Clothing Collection by Sevya

Kavida Floral Tunic– Part of Fair Trade Clothing Collection by Sevya

Jerry Rasch writes for Sevya as a part-time, but full-hearted pursuit.