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Ethical Fashion Brands

Sevya Designs for Embroidery Motif Print
Designing Embroidery Motif Print for Sevya Handmade Tunics
Kantha Jewelry Artisans for World Finds
Women Artisans Making World Finds Kantha Jewelry
Artisan Making Glass Jewelry for Dunitz & Company
Rosa Designing Glass Jewelry for Dunitz & Company
Passion Lilie Fair Trade Apparel
Passion Lilie Team in Fair Trade Stitching Unit
Rosita and Nancy from Dunitz and Company
Rosita and Nancy from Dunitz & Company
Fair Trade Federation Member

Sevya Handmade

World Finds

Dunitz & Company

Passion Lilie

These Ethical Fashion brands are all proud to be members of the Fair Trade Federation. Each of these fair trade companies are dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable garments & accessories while adhering to fair trade principles.

Ethical Fashion brands provide an invaluable alternative to the exploitative labor and environmental damage that is intrinsic to how much of the fashion industry operates.

Sevya Handmade's fair trade apparel & accessories showcase the rich textile arts of India in contemporary styles.

World Finds has an exquisite collection of handmade kantha jewelry, which is made from recycled textiles by women artisans in India.

Dunitz & Company offers stunning designs in fused glass and beaded jewelry and pouches that are handmade by artisans in Guatemala.

Passion Lilie's beautiful collection of fair trade apparel includes hand block-printed and hand-woven textiles made by artisans in India.

Ethical Fashion brands are dedicated to improving the lives of those who make our clothing and accessories, and conserving environmental resources through the use of traditional craft techniques that value people and artistry over profit margins.

The UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion recently reported some startling figures. The clothing and textile industry is responsible for 8-10% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and 20% of industrial wastewater pollution, and $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing being unused or thrown away.

Sustainability is at the heart of the Ethical Fashion movement. Fair trade apparel & accessories are handmade and require less electricity for production. Each piece is the culmination of centuries old traditions, and these cultural traditions value the earth and its resources, so there is little to no waste.

Every purchase of fair trade clothing, scarves, jewelry or bags helps to ensure that our earth and its people can thrive in solidarity for many generations to come.

Thank you for supporting fair trade!