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Embroidered Tunics

Demira Floral Embroidered Top

Sevya offers a wide variety of embroidered tunics, featuring traditional Indian craftsmanship on our artisan made apparel. We work with different artisan groups across India who specialize in unique textile production techniques, such as block printing, weaving and embroidery. We also work with modern facilities that have digital printing capabilities, and our collection of handmade tunics showcase a range of classic and contemporary techniques.

Our most popular tops are the Deena Tunics, which are made through a combination of digitally printed fabric that is hand embroidered by women artisans in Northern India. This embroidered tunic style features classic sari prints as well as contemporary prints with fine embroidery on the front and back. These beautiful tunic tops are available in sizes Small-XXL.

Fair Trade Silk Embroidered Tunic from India

We also have cotton embroidered tunics which are similar to the Deena tunic but made with fine 100% cotton that is hand block-printed and then hand embroidered. Our classic white embroidered cotton tops are available in S-M or L-XL, and are designed for a comfortable, elegant fit for women of different shapes and sizes. These tops are a wonderful weight for summer!

Sevya is Fair Trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, which ensures that workers are paid fairly and promptly, and that ethical business practices are independently evaluated for certification. We are proud to work with so many talented artisans in India and bring their products to the global marketplace. Supporting Fair Trade companies means contributing to a healthier and kinder fashion industry which can be a force for good in the world.

If you have any questions about Fair Trade or our products, feel free to reach out using the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!