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Embroidered Cotton Nightgowns & Tunics

Sevya's collection of embroidered cotton nightgowns & tunics showcases the fine hand embroidery done by women artisans in Northern India in contemporary designs. Some of our night dresses and tunics also feature hand block printing and we work with artisans throughout India to showcase their traditional skills in our fair trade clothing line. 

Our Devaki tunic is a new style that features both block printing and embroidery. The block printing is done by using wooden or metal blocks to stamp designs onto fabric. These blocks are often passed down through generations of artisan families.

The muted block printing on this Devaki top leaves a subtle floral pattern, and blends beautifully with the intricate hand embroidery on the front and back. These comfortable tunic tops are available in sizes Small-XLarge.

Sevya has an extensive collection of white embroidered tunics. These are also made with 100% cotton, and come in a range of styles that are designed for comfort and elegance for women of many sizes. The stunning white embroidery on white cotton fabric gives these tunics a classic and elegant look.

We recently introduced a new line of all white embroidered cotton nightgowns, which feature floral embroidery patterns on soft 100% cotton. These fair trade nightgowns are a free size style, designed for a comfortable and elegant fit up to XL size.

One of our bestselling tunics is our Deena Tunic, which features a luxurious silky fabric with hand embroidery on the front and back. These handmade tunic tops come in a range of prints and colors are available in Small-XXL sizes. 

Sevya also offers an extensive colleciton of free size tunics, which come in cotton, cupro or poly-silk material. The free size cut is designed to have a flattering fit for women up to XXL size.

You may view our entire collection of hand embroidered nightgowns, tops & tunics on our website. If you have any questions about our fair trade apparel or any other products, feel free to reach out using the Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!