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Block Print Scarves

Laksha Block Print Scarf

Sevya offers a beautiful collection of hand block print scarves. Block printing is an ancient textile printing technique which involves stamping patterns onto fabric with hand carved wooden blocks dipped in dyes. Indian block printers have passed down their wooden blocks through generations of artisans, and each family has their own unique set of blocks.

The printed patterns range from paisley to geometric shapes, and can be single color or multiple color designs. A different coordinating block is used to print each color and it requires great skill and precision to make all of the colors and patterns line up seamlessly.

Skilled artisans use multiple blocks and colors to create layers of detail, which can be seen in our bestselling Sheela Chiffon Scarves.

Sheela Chiffon Scarves

Our Sheela Chiffon Scarves are made from sustainable viscose chiffon, which is as light as silk and as sturdy as cotton. These scarves make a great summer accessory and are easy to pack for getaway vacations! The naturally crinkled fabric gives these scarves a unique texture and makes them easy to style.


Our Laksha Block Print Scarves are made in Rajasthan, India, and these 100% cotton scarves come with cotton tassels. The soft  cotton material is light enough to wear in the summer, and is also a great transitional scarf that can be worn between the seasons. 


The bright and vibrant colors make them wonderful gifts, and the uniqueness of each hand block printed scarf gives them a one-of-a-kind quality as no two will ever be identical.

Tamira Indigo Chiffon Scarf

Our new Tamira Indigo Scarves are block printed on soft viscose chiffon and have a light, airy texture. These scarves are also bestsellers all year round, and the deep indigo hues make it a classic denim friendly accessory that can be worn year round.

Sevya is Fair Trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, which is a third party program setting standards for ethical and sustainable business practices. We are committed to providing good jobs to artisans across India so that they may continue to pass down their craft to future generations while also improving their standard of living and access to necessities. We love this quote from our fellow Fair Trade business, Fair Anita:


Thank you for supporting Fair Trade!