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Bandhani Tie Dye

Bandhani is an intricate method of tie dying fabrics that has been practiced in India for centuries. The word "bandhani" comes from the Sanskrit word "bandh", which means "to tie" or "to bind".  We work with artisans in Gujarat, India who use this traditional technique to make our beautiful hand tie-dyed scarves and sarongs!

The process of bandhani starts with printing the fabric with the motif or pattern, and then tying small knots with thread along the pattern to block the first round of dye. The tying of fabric must be defined and consistent to create a refined look, and smaller or larger bunches of fabric are tied depending on the design of the motif. Very fine bandhini has tiny knots, which requires great skill.

Once the dyeing is completed, the threaded knots are removed and the exquisite patterns are revealed.

We work with women and men artisans in Western Gujarat, India, who are highly skilled in this art form, and who learned it from their grandparents.  Bandhani craft has been used for making women's saris, blouses, shawls, kurtis and skirts for centuries and it is also used for making beautifully tie-dyed bedspreads.  We work with each artisan group to develop bandhani designs that showcase their art in contemporary styles and vibrant colors.

Sevya is Fair Trade certified by the Fair Trade Federation, and we are excited to showcase the work of the talented artisans we work with!


Many of our bandhani scarves feature one primary color and are patterned with white fabric that was protected from the dye.  Our new collection of tie dyed scarves and sarongs feature multiple vibrant colors and the bandhani technique also creates a beautiful textured effect from where the cotton fabric was tied during the dyeing process.

As opposed to mass produced, fast-fashion, we hope to provide a slow-fashion alternative for women around the world who are looking for unique and beautiful fair trade clothing that they can feel good about. 

Each bandhani tie is done by hand, making each piece unique, and reflects the skill and care of each individual artisan. These works of art are wonderful statement pieces to accent any wardrobe, and also make great fair trade gifts for any occasion!

Sevya is committed to preserving the traditional art forms of India and providing fair and steady employment to producers in rural villages. We appreciate the time our readers take to learn about each art form and support the next generation of artisans! Thank you for your commitment to Fair Trade and please submit your email below to keep in touch via our weekly newsletter.