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Cotton Face Masks

As we continue to face the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are wondering how and when to spend time safely with loved ones. There is no doubt that face masks are the most effective tool we have to stop the spread of the coronavirus before a vaccine is available. There is also the possibility that wearing masks in public places will continue to be part of our lives in an effort to stop future pandemics from occurring. 

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Fight mask fatigue by trying out different styles, patterns, fits and materials! We offer 5 versatile options, all made with 100% cotton and designed to suit everyone. Our reusable cotton masks are fair trade, comfortable, and washable.


FM-1, 4-Layer Cotton Face Mask

(Adjustable, Full Coverage)

These masks offer the most flexibility in terms of fit and tightness, as you can tie the top and bottom sections to your preference. The hand block printed patterns come in assorted colors and prints, and each mask has 4 cotton layers for extra protection. 

FM-2 Pleated Face Mask

Elastic Band, Medium Coverage

Our pleated block print face masks offer a pocket in between the two cotton layers so that you may insert extra fabric or filters if you wish. You can also put a drop of aromatherapy essential oil on the extra layer that is added, to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while staying safe. The gentle elastic has the texture and stretch of a hairband, making it comfortable and tangle free! These masks are well suited for those with smaller faces or for those who prefer medium facial coverage.

FM-3, Hand Woven Mask

Elastic Band, Full Coverage 

Our hand-woven unisex masks have two layers of cotton and two layers of filter material, offering full coverage for those wanting extra protection and warmth, especially during the colder winter months! The size and neutral colors make them great for men as well and these masks are a favorite among chefs as they provide very good protection but are still breathable and comfortable. The hand spun, hand-woven fabric has a denim-like feel and the elastic bands offer a bit more give to fit larger faces. 

FM-4 & 5,  2 Layer Masks

Elastic Band, Medium Coverage

Our 2-layer masks feature bright colorful hand block prints and have medium coverage. These fun designs are a great way to switch up and accessorize your pandemic wardrobe, while also supporting the block printing artisans on India.

All of our masks are machine washable, and are sold in packs of 3. Sevya is Fair Trade Certified by the Fair Trade Federation, and by purchasing Fair Trade items you can support artisans throughout India who are continuing to support their families throughout this challenging year. Check out our full line of masks here, currently all on sale!